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1. General information

1.1.  These terms applies when a third party (the costumer) purchases goods from Unique Frosting ApS, unless something else has been agreed on.

1.2.  This includes purchases from “” or from any other website controlled by Unique Frosting ApS as well as purchases from stores run by Unique Frosting ApS and
        purchases made by e-mail.

2. Conclusion of the purchase contract

2.1.  The purchase contract is concluded when the buyer receives the order confirmation. Afterwards the buyer is obliged to fulfill the agreement.

3. Payment terms:

3.1.  The time of payment of the purchase price appears on the invoice.

3.2.  Payments must be done by a bank transfer. The invoice number must be provided to our account in Sydbank:

        Bank name: Sydbank
        Account no: 1263331
        Sort code: 7116
        IBAN: DK9571160001263331
        BIC: SYBKDK22

3.3.  Overdue amount of interest calculated at 2% per month incl. administrative expenses.

3.4.  If the payment in full is not done by bank transfer before the time of payment of the purchase price, the costumer is in breach of the contract and Unique Frosting ApS is therefore allowed to
        use all necessary remedies. This involves termination of the contract in its entirety.

4. Delivery time and delayed delivery

4.1.  The delivery time is approximately 1-3 days on stock items and 7-14 days for non-stock items.

4.2.  The consumer is aware and accepts that Unique Frosting ApS can experience some delays in delivery due to production issues and therefore, the costumer accepts that the costumer
        cannot terminate the contract the first 30 days after the expected delivery day.

5. Transport and the costumers duties after delivery

5.1.  Upon receipt of goods, the costumer must examine that the goods have not been opened or damaged doing transport.

5.2.  If the costumer suspect that the delivered goods have been opened or damaged doing transport, the costumer must contact Unique Frosting ApS as soon as possible and no longer than 7
        business days after delivery.

5.3.  Unique Frosting ApS will then examine the goods and if the goods indeed are opened or damaged doing transport, Unique Frosting will refund the costumer the purchasing prize or send a
        new order.

5.4.  If the dealer does not have contradicted the delivery within 7 business days from delivery date, the shipment is considered as delivered according to the invoice.

5.5.  All goods is shipped through UPS (Standard or Express Saver) or Post Nord (Parcel).

6. Warranty

6.1.  The watches are covered by a 2 years warranty from date of the purchase. During this period, the dealer can submit a claim, if the error is due to a manufacturing defect.

6.2.  This warranty covers watchcases, movements, washers and hands and all links in the metal. The warranty covers watchmaker labor and materials.

6.3.  The warranty does not cover:

6.3.1. Water and moisture damage to not water protected watches.

6.3.2. Defects caused by abuse, misuse, negligent handling or other misuse.

6.3.3. The warranty does not cover the watch glass, batteries and chains/locks/watch straps made of material other than metal or scratches or wear caused by daily use.

6.4.  Complaints normally take one to four weeks to handle.

7. Limitation of liability

7.1.  Unique Frosting is not liable for indirect damages of any kind including loss of profit etc.

7.2.  Possible damages cannot exceed the purchase price for the goods.

8. Retention of Title Clause

8.1.  If the dealer does not pay the purchase price before delivery (credit) Unique Frosting ApS will retain legal ownership of the goods, even though the goods are delivered to the costumer.

8.2.  By purchasing goods from Unique Frosting the buyer acknowledges to be familiar with the terms of sale including the fact that the legal ownership of the purchased goods only passes to
        the buyer when the buyer pays the purchase price in full and fulfills the purchase contract.

8.3.  Term 8.1. and 8.2. only applies when the purchase price is more than kr. 2.000 and the sale is not a part of a variable credit between buyer and seller.

8.4.  By purchasing goods from Unique Frosting ApS the costumer acknowledges to keep the purchased goods sufficiently secluded from other goods until the costumer has paid the purchase
        price in full. The purpose of this condition is that it should be possible to separate the purchased goods from other goods own by the costumer if Unique Frosting ApS uses this Retention of
        Title Clause.
9. Force Majeure

9.1.  If Unique Frosting or the costumer does not fulfill the purchase contract and this is due to something beyond the control of the parties – due to acts of war, fire, floods or strikes etc. that
        have arisen after the conclusion of the contract – either party shall be excused from any breach of contract caused by this condition.

9.2.  When the events have abated both Unique Frostings ApS and the buyers obligations shall resume.

9.3.  If the events doesn’t abate after reasonable time both parties can rescind the contract.
10. Choice of Law and venue

10.1.  All purchases agreements between Unique Frosting ApS and the costumer is governed by Danish law.

10.2.  These terms are subject to Danish legislation and venue. Any disputes must be solved at the Court of Randers.  
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